Jayna’s Dance Performances (Track Records) – Public & Private

"JAYNA as an avid Bellydance performer and experienced entertainer - uphold professional stage performer standards and can significantly value-add to ALL your private or work life celebration events; where she brings the best of her upbeats and positive entertaining vibes with sparkles and liveliness to your events and functions!! - especially in engaging your audiences and have them well entertained at the max!! Be it a closed-door private event or a corporate function or any Public Showcasing / Roadshow Event...(a picture paints a thousand words - so just refer to our Photo Gallery for you own keen witness!!)

You must ensure to arrange an advance booking:
At least 2 weeks in advance via WhatsApp at (+65) 8287 6907 or email request at thedancejourney@gmail.com


Past Performances

Singapore Tourism Board Promotional Events 

13th Aug 05 - Tourism Event, 14th Aug 05 - Tourism Event

Oriental Dance Festivals
20th Aug 05 - Dance Festival Event - Excelsior Hotel

The Chingay Parade
Feb 05 - Representing Peoples' Association

Festive & Wedding Celebrations
27th Aug 05 - Senso Restaurant

Charity Events
25th Nov 05 - AWARE 20th Anniversary Celebration Event @ Fort Canning
29th Jun 06 - Voluntary Performance & Demo Helpdesk's Staff Annual Party

Country Club Events
7th Jan 06 - SAFRA Country Club - Pasir Ris Town Council D&D
28th Oct 05 - Singapore Swimming Club (Deepavali Celebration)

Dinner Lounges/Pubs
2th Oct 05 - Kasbar Bar (Hired as Guest Dancer)
11th Feb 06 - IndoChine, Club Street (Valentine Event by Ootique)
11th Mar 06 - Spice & Wine (Hired by Constance from AWARE)
11th Mar 06 - Fisherman Village, Elias Park (Hired by Singa Fiesta)
25th Mar 06 - Novena Square, Day 1 (London Slimming Program)
26th Mar 06 - Novena Square, Day 2 (London Slimming Program)
9th Sep 06 - Ootique (Hired by a Korean guest)
13th Sep 06 - Ootique (Wednesday Networking Nite

Private & Corporate Functions
1st Oct 05 - Birthday Celebration

West Coast Park - 13th Nov 05

Business Associate Functions:
19th Nov 05 - Oohique's Private Function (At BQ Bar)
11th Feb 06 - Oohique's Private Valentine Function (At Indochine, Club Street)