Progressive Dance Classes (For Keen Learners):

Step by step Progressive Dance Class

Take our Dance Journey step by step. From Absolute Beginners to Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced!

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a veteran, there are classes just for you! You will learn the basic fundamentals of  dancing for beginners and into different variations of belly dancing styles for advanced learners! Why wait? Take a look at our various classes now!



Absolute Beginners

Level I, students will learn the 48 basic fundamentals of Belly Dance Movements.

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Level II, students will undergo six weeks of refining and conditioning, during which time the different fundamental body movements.

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Intermediate II

Level III, Students learn different combinations of the basic fundamental techniques and movements learned in Level I & II, and the different degrees of rigor in workout and music combinations which comprise performance level Belly Dance.

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Using all that have been learned and practiced in Level I, II & III, and having experienced many different type of workouts and music combinations, students are now ready to be awaken to FULL-SELF EXPRESSION with all learned techniques and dance movements; and will be introduced to variations of Belly Dance Styles including: EGYTIAN, TURKISH & LEBANESE.

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