Holistic Bellydance (For Adults)

Holistic Bellydance Programs For Balanced Living, Fitness & Fun

Jayna Tang has been conducting special dance workshops & classes in uplifting women physically, emotionally, mentally & soulfully with.

The Art and Wisdom of Holistic Bellydance that value adds to your healthy living with 

11 Health & Inner Beauty Benefits

  • Release Physical Stress
  • Release Emotional Stress
  • Release Mental Stress
  • Increase Playfulness & Vitality
  • Increase Feminine Vibrancy
  • Increase Sensuality
  • Increase Fitness & Energy level
  • Increase Bodily Awareness
  • Connect with Feminine Self

When & Where is the Class Scheduled?

Venue: En Motion Dance Studio (8 Craig Road Level 1)
Fees: S$380 (6 plus 2 bonus session)
Time: 11 am to 12.30 pm noon (every Saturday)

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The Holistic Bellydance Methodology

Jayna's life work methodology is not only useful for the Bellydance development journey, but also for many other aspects of her life. It is her passion to help many women bring out their radiance through expreriental learning with her.

Jayna will share the great fun, physical and emotional benefits that Bellydance offers. In addition to getting you to start in your self-discovery and being in touch with your body (Moving from beginner level towards a higher level of discovery), she has a unique style of teaching - as an effective holistic tool for your physical, emotional and mental integration.

In addition, she has coached different students of all ages (Up till age 65), some with no dance background, to perform on the stage with confidence and grace.

"Jayna's exquisite and free-spirited Bellydance movements and personal life work presented itself in her dance practices and coaching work..."