Holistic Bellydance Classes (For Adults)

Tapping into your full-self expression and joyous living through dancing

Through her several years (11 years plus) as a professional dance practitioner & performer, she has embarked onto a more Holistic Approach re her Bellydance Movements and Practices within the Bellydance arena of development & progress

Focusing, applying and integrating effective dance fundamentals, that bring our acute awareness and enhancement to your embodiment and bodywork. Jayna, is capable in introducing life-transformational holistic dance movement programs through the art and wisdom of belly-dancing for your:

PEMPs Transformation
(Physical, Emotional, Mental and Psychological Evolution)

Starting with 68 Bellydance Fundamental Movements to unleash your FULL SELF-EXPRESSION

Join us today for our Holistic Bellydance classes today!
Find out the numerous health benefits of dancing and also the FUN and JOY in doing so!