Our Mission


To create a supportive and socially responsible Dance Sanctuary Organization that provides an
open and supporting platform upon which to unleash deep inner (feminine) Wisdom, Strength,
Potential & Talents of our students or participants, in particular within the Asia Pacific Region in
general; as well as cross-cultural regions – from coast to coast.
We deliver lively, creative, innovative and enriching therapeutic dance and coaching programs,
Such as:

  • Corporate, Private & Public: Workshop/Programs/Classes/Performance/Retreats
  • Holistic Dance Programs
  • Salt & Light Flow Dance fused with Dance Movements (that works with innate core energy center in one’s body)
  • Dance Therapy Movements (facilitated with other Dance Therapists)
  • Private & Group Coaching Programs
  • Travel Programs, Creative Dance, Rejuvenating & Healing Workshops & Retreats (Inclusive of alternative Healing and Contemporary Dancercise & Well-Being Programs.)