Core Values

The acronym for THE DANCE JOURNEY’s Core Values:


  • Just Be: Just be one with your inner joy & peace
  • Openness: Open to giving and receiving in a state of grace with whoever we come into contact with at the right time, right situation and right place.
  • Young at Heart: We encourage healthy and constructive youthful thoughts and behaviours that breakthrough personal and society unhealthy conditioning, barriers, inhibitions and limitations
  • Fun Relationships: Healthy Relating and Communication that bring healing to the Mind, Body & Soul.
  • Uniqueness: We believe and encourage each individual to shine, give and share with inner sparkles, joyfulness, playfulness and fun.
  • Lovingness: Practice the importance of lovingness with wisdom; and the love that gives from the heartspace.
  • Non-conforming: We strive to bring about your unique and creative nature; we encourage thinking ‘OUT-OF-THE-BOX’ or even destroying the ‘BOX’ completely from time to time.
  • Expressiveness: We encourage INDIVIDUALS to be Fully Self Expressive in whatever they choose to do, be or have. (Whether you are a 5 yr old or a 65yr old!)
  • Supportiveness: We support INDIVIDUAL to be –“Who THEY Really ARE TRULY!” or just be themselves!
  • Sobriety – Practice of increasing awareness and alertness are the criteria of how one can be soaring high soulfully and co-creating a well-balanced and happy lifestyle by taking charge of personal responsibilities first, solving personal unresolved first and in turn able to contribute productively & healthily or heartily for a well-balanced WAY OF LIVING in the NEW economy in building a Utopia for future generations to enjoy and thrive on!!