"Experience Dancing Out Of Egypt Towards The Promised Land Of Your Overall Well Beingness..."

BellyFit Shimmy Shak Workshop

(It's a ONCE MONTH Workshop for a total of 12 sessions!! This 12 Sessions Workshop series will repeat itself onto each new term of another 12 sessions)

For 1st Half of this Dance Workshop Series Dates are:
28 SEPT, 26 OCT, 30 NOV, 29 FEB, 28 MAR & 25 APRIL

For 2nd Half of this Workshop Dance Series Dates:
30 MAY, 27 JUN, 25 JUL, 29 AUG, 26 SEPT & 31 OCT

Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Duration: 2hrs 30mins
Venue: Dance On Us
(No. 8 Claymore Hill - #01-03/04 & 06)

Healthy Light Refreshment provided at break time (20mins)

For Current Workshop's Date & Info - please find details on EventBrite under Health & Wellness Category.

Trial Session For Absolute Beginners

Trial Dates on Soulful Sundays
  • 27 OCT' 2019
  • 24 NOV' 2019
  • 26 JAN' 2020
  • 29' MAR' 2020

(Once a month on Last Sunday - fresh dates will be updated every 4 months)
Time: 2pm to 3.30pm(Duration: 1hr 30mins)
Fees: S$35 per pax
Venue: Dance On Us (8 Claymore Hill - #01-03/04 & 08)

Come on down to experience the GREAT JOY & FUN of this TRIAL SESSION for 1hr 30mins at ONLY S$35 !!  (BRING a FRIEND and YOU get in for FREE!!)

Progressive Dance Classes are available ONLY UPON a minimum of 10 Paxs sign-up (from trial sessions) to start a full-term class - for both Group A & B students.

Group A - Level 1 & 2
(For Beginners)

Group B Level 3 & 4
(For Intermediate to Advanced)

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“It was a good break from work to have a light-hearted dance workshop event during the day.” Agnes, AP Finance

“I had great fun even though I had aches all over the next day. It is a good opportunity during the workshop to get to know internal GSK staff.” Sharene, EMAP Commercial

“Had such fun with everyone! It really gave a good opportunity for us all to see and get to know each other in a relaxed environment. I never expected it to be such a good.overall workout.” Geeta, AP Legal

“Had a good laugh watching and dancing. We should have more interactive and sociable events like this! I definitely look forward to the next session!” Mitch, AP Legal

“It was good fun and we should have more of this.” June – AP Legal

“Very enjoyable. A nice social break over the usual lunch hour. We could use more social activities like this.” Lee Lee – Compliance & Regulatory

“Such a good initiative by AP Legal to celebrate the International Women’s Day. Thank you for the innovative and enjoyable way to meet and mix with our colleagues. Perhaps, regular sessions can be organized!” Kelly, AP Medical

“Great idea! We had a jolly good time. Look forward to the next session. Many thanks to the Legal Team for organizing it.” Jackie, AP Medical

“As I am new to GSK, I feel this is a great initiative led by Legal.  I signed up for this International Women’s Day celebration with the hope of getting to know more colleagues from the various business units.” Wendy, AP Vaccines

“It was a unique experience, a great platform to know and bond more with fellow colleagues and a great way of celebrating Women’s Day. Thanks AP Legal for holding it.” Sapna, SIN Consumer

It was a great opportunity to have some fun and network internally. My thanks to Julie for organising the fun-filled and inspiring workshop; and for the delicious cake too.” Deborah, EMAP Classic Brands